What Can You Learn?

Diabetes educators will work with you as a team to give you support, tools and resources you need to manage your condition. This is called ‘self-management education’. It means that your diabetes education team will help you to set goals and develop the confidence and the skills needed to manage and cope with diabetes from day to day.

Here are some of the skills your diabetes education team will teach you:

Health care provider taking care of the patient

  • Understanding the types and causes of diabetes and how diabetes is treated
  • Setting your treatment goals and knowing why they are important
  • Knowing what to eat, how much, and when
  • Knowing the importance of managing your body weight
  • Finding a physical activity that works for you
  • Knowing why and how to measure and manage your blood glucose levels
  • Knowing what other things to monitor, such as blood pressure, eyes, feet and kidneys
  • Understanding how your medications work and how to take them
  • Knowing how to cope with stress related to diabetes

Someone taking care of feet