My Checklist

Taking Charge of Diabetes

Use this page to help you to start managing your diabetes today.

My next doctor’s appointment will be on: 

I have asked my doctor for a referral to visit a Diabetes Education Centre.

My closest Diabetes Education Centre is  
    (Visit or call 1-800-BANTING)

The address is 

The phone number is 

My appointment with a Diabetes Educator
    at the Diabetes Educator Centre is on: 

Check the items that you want to ask your diabetes educator questions about. Use the blank lines to write down your questions.

My Medications
Healthy Eating
Physical Activity
My weight
How to check my blood glucose?
My blood pressure
My blood glucose targets
What to do if my blood glucose is too high?
What to do if my blood glucose is too low?
My blood lipids
Taking care of my feet
Managing stress
Quitting smoking
Other issues

Someone taking care of feet